API v1

API v1 is still under active development, but we are pleased to offer a new embeddable calculator widget for use now.

  • April 3, 2024: A new version of our embeddable calculator is available which includes state and utility incentives for RI, DC, and VA.

    The new calculator is stable and actively used on our website as well as by partners like RI OER and Electrify DC.

API v0

API v0 was released in February 2023 as a direct clone of the original calculator logic on our website. It is stable and will not receive major changes.

  • August 22, 2023: added married_filing_separately as a valid value of tax_filing in requests, and of filing_status in responses.

    If you only use /api/v0/calculator, you are unaffected; you won't see the new value in responses unless you pass it in requests.

    If you use /api/v0/incentives, you'll see two new variations of the EV tax credits containing the new value.

    The current IRA incentives treat married-filing-separately filers the same as single filers. However, the tax brackets are slightly different, so the new value will result in more accurate calculations of tax savings.


For changes to API content related to incentives, see the existing website changelog and related FAQs on the Rewiring America website.